Author Jim Kwik

I am currently reading the book “Limitless” by Jim Kwik. Jim’s methods of learning are all about freeing your mind. His methods teach you how to focus, study and speed read. Each chapter concludes with an exercise. The exercises are beneficial if you take the time to learn the methods. I’ve scheduled time on my calendar to practice these methods knowing that they will become useful when I start promoting my memoir.

Jim website has many resources to use and when you email your receipt for the purchase of the book you join “Kwik Learning Online” platform. I have a few more chapters to go but I right now I’m finding the reading material very helpful.

Typewriter vs. Computer

From 1984 to 2013 I was a secretary in a New York City government job. In the early years of my working career I used a typewriter. Now that I’m retired I’m venturing out to write my memoir. Working on my memoir I use a computer, laptop or iPad. These items all come with distractions. I find myself often tempted to stop writing and scroll through the internet or check my emails.

Back in the day when I used a typewriter to construct my poems, stories and plays I had less distractions. All I had to do was type to get my thoughts on the paper. I was much more focused and committed to writing. Right now I’m feeling the need to go back to what worked for me in my writing process. I’m thinking of buying a manual typewriter and going to the park and sit and type.

Staying Focused

The best course of action for me as a writer is to stay focused. If I miss a day of writing it takes me awhile to get my grove back. I’ve found that listening to smooth jazz or mellow beats on Spotify works and nothing beats a walk in the park.

I’ve been on this writing journey for two months and I don’t find it challenging but I do find it interesting how distractions have a way of finding me. I’m not one to give up so easily, so I’ll keep blogging about my progress and enjoying the journey.