Hashtag Research

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Writing my book not only takes commitment to write everyday but to also do research. I attended a free zoom “Instagram Insight Workshop.” The host pointed out things you should do everyday on Instagram:

1.Engage with your followers

2. Reply to comments on your posts.

3. Engage with other people’s posts on the platform.

4.Post a story.

5. Answer your DMs.

Along with these five tips you also have to do research. I started my research on hashtags for memoirs and it took me down a rabbit hole. There are countless hashtags! But there are graphics showing which hashtags are more likely to get followers and which ones are so broad they’re useless.

I’m thinking of acquiring an Instagram Business profile. With the business profile I can get Instagram Insights. The idea is to use Instagram Insights to identify your top performing content. Then, work to identify why it performed so well so that you can repeat the success in future posts.

I’m finding out that writing a book is a business! I create content, manage it, promote myself, oversee my book budget and soon I’ll be writing scripts for my Youtube Channel. I’m my own Chief Executive Officer!

I do know that this writing journey, in fact this entire experience, will lead me, in twelve months, to my finished product, my memoir. That’s worth the work.

Published by cminorwriter

I am a writer. I started writing in my teens. I recently became serious with my craft after participating in a free 7-Day Book Writing Challenge provided by Hay House. I now have a paid membership to Hay House Writing Community. I'm on my way to being a published author. I also enjoy mobile photography and golfing.

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