Save The Cat!

The Last Book On Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need by Blake Snyder

This week I’ll start reading the book “Save The Cat!” by author Black Snyder. Since I am writing a book for the first time I want to learn how to make the book sequence flow. It’s said that the book will give the reader insight and knowledge needed to write a screenplay. A screenplay tells a story just like a book so I believe the information will be beneficial to me.

All the books I’m reading I’m using as “Writing Manuals.” These will be books that I can refer back to as I take these twelve months to write. There are so many resources for beginner writers and books are a great source. I also took the step today to join a writing group on

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I am a writer. I started writing in my teens. I recently became serious with my craft after participating in a free 7-Day Book Writing Challenge provided by Hay House. I now have a paid membership to Hay House Writing Community. I'm on my way to being a published author. I also enjoy mobile photography and golfing.

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