My Thoughts In Writing

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Writing has been crawling around in me for years. When I was young I use to write book reports for my mom during the summer months. My mother always thought it was important to read and understand what you read. This value has stayed with me.

In my Junior High School years I joined a poetry writing group in Brooklyn. We met each Saturday at a community center in the Farragut Houses. The group was facilitated by Terri Bush, a teacher at Sands Junior High School and June Jordan, a poet, teacher and activist. In 1970 a collection of the group’s poems, including mine, were published in the book “The Voice of the Children.”

It is now fifty years later and I have decided to walk this path again, to be a writer, poet and published author of both mediums. To get myself geared up for this new and exciting journey into writing I had joined the Hay House Writer’s Community. Through a one-year membership I will learn first hand the ins and outs of writing and publishing my first book. Throughout the process I’ll post my journey in words.

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